Are You Confused & Frustrated By All The Contradicting Diet Advice Out There?

Is it time that you…

  • Lose the tummy bloat?
  • Feel happy & confident in your own skin?
  • Learn how to prepare & cook simple healthy meals?
  • Have less brain fog?
  • Lose that excess weight?
  • Reduce inflammation and period pain?
  • Be a healthy role model for your children?

Here Is A Surprisingly Simple 3-Week Program That Is Helping Hundreds Of Women Like You Cut Through the Confusion, Lose Weight, Gain Confidence & Learn To Cook Real Food!

But first a warning...this isn't another one of those quick fix programs.  It does require actual commitment from you, and I'm not promising it will be easy.  Change never is...but it is totally worth it when you can fit into those old favourite jeans again...right?! 😉


You can also trust that the information you receive is from an actual Qualified Health Professional, with training in both Conventional & Integrative Nutrition, as well as Exercise Science.  You can feel secure knowing you aren't being sucked in by just another unqualified health blogger or marketer trying to make a quick buck.


My mission is to show people, like you, how you can radically improve your life through simple diet & lifestyle changes that have been tried & tested.  You also won't need to spend hundreds of dollars on fancy shakes & supplements, and you won't be pressured to buy any other products from me.   This program is about using REAL food.  Food that can be found in your average supermarket, and a menu plan that can be suited to any budget.

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The Program Creator...

Hi!  I'm Ngaire...Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist, Pilates Teacher, and Holistic Health Coach, based on the sunny Gold Coast of Australia.  I've been supporting clients to achieving their health  & lifestyle goals through 'lifestyle medicine' for many years now, and my passion to serve in this area continues to grow.


Ok, I'll admit...I am a self-confessed health nerd!   And it breaks my heart when I see, year after year, the rise in lifestyle diseases, infertility, childhood obesity, autoimmune disease & other preventable ailments inflicting our communities; our family, friends and those that matter most to us.  So working with women and their families on their health is not only my work but it is also my PASSION!

I personally started experimenting with Cleansing and Detoxing in 2008 due to a personal health scare.  Wholefoods & clean eating changed my life, and I became passionate about sharing this information with others just like you.  That’s why I created my Cleanse programs, with hundreds of successful women – and a few awesome gents! – completing this wellness journey.  This Cleanse is specifically designed to kick-start your wellness. To set you up for success. To empower you to make potent life changes in a gentle, loving way.

Abbie O'Rourke

“After completing the cleanse under Ngaire’s direction I feel like a whole new person! I no longer crave coffee or sugar and my cupboard is filled with incredible new healthy ingredients that I use on a daily basis. The thing I enjoyed the most with working with Ngaire was the constant support, advice and encouragement. Ngaire's cleanse was an incredible opportunity and environment to 'reset' my body so I could completely listen to what it needed and what was hurting it. I would do the cleanse all over again in a second!”

Abbie O'Rourke
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It’s all about the right information…

  • That deep inside us, our bodies KNOW how to eat, move and play to create glowing health.
  • That all of us (yep, EVERYONE!) can have clear skin, bright eyes and a fabulously healthy body.
  • That the answer lies in Mama Nature, in listening to the whispers of our body, and in practicing radical self-care.

And let’s be clear: this is not a fad diet. This isn’t about starving yourself, drinking crazy shakes, eliminating food groups or exercising like a mad-woman every day.
This is holistic health with a whole lot a heart. This is good ol’ fashioned REAL FOOD, like your grandma used to eat. This is food the way it’s meant to be.

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And it’s also about the right support!

This Cleanse is designed to empower and support you. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded people, going through the same journey, cheering you on. And of course, I’m here for you every step of the way: to answer your questions, hear your frustrations, and celebrate your victories.
This work can be challenging and confronting – let’s face it, change is never comfortable. That’s why having support is so critical, and is such a key feature of this program’s success. You’ll have all the support you need to help you power through the Cleanse, and transition smoothly into a healthy wholefoods lifestyle.

Hillary Davis

“Ngaire has just been totally awesome!  She is so understanding and helpful, inspiring & enthusiastic and has organised a fantastic program!  She offered loads of support & encouragement and has a real gift for explaining ideas in a way that makes so much sense!  The recipes & menu plan for the Cleanse were really helpful and easy to follow.  I highly recommend the Cleanse to anyone who wants to feel & look better and am really grateful to Ngaire for her awesome support & encouragement!  Thank you!”

Hillary Davis
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Here’s what the 21-Day Wholefood Cleanse will do for you:

How Does The Program Work?

It’s three weeks of total health guidance – food, mood, body, mind and soul. All content is delivered online – direct to your inbox each week – making it perfect for those with busy schedules.


The program is also super gentle and do-able, whether you work a 50 hour week or are a Mum to young kids. It doesn’t involve extreme fasting, expensive supplements, or endless hours spent juicing expensive organic vegetables – it’s about real food for real women to create real change.

June Cunningham

"I first met Ngaire when I was beginning my journey towards a healthier lifestyle.  I had plenty of information, but no idea how to process it or go about making the transformation that was right for me.  In the Cleanse program, Ngaire guided me through all the information and taught me to tune into my own body and discover what was right for me.  There is truly no quick fix but what I found out that, with the right support, eating healthy is simple, nourishing and joyful.  Ngaire provided so much support, information and gentle nudging when needed, that I am now living the life I could never have imagined that I would be capable of."

June Cunningham

What does the program include?

Your investment…

Only $149!!!

As soon as you place your order, you will receive an automated email receipt and instructions to set up your personal login to the Cleanse membership site.  You will have immediate access to the program from your computer or phone, which includes all of the preparation materials and recipes to get you started. 

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My Guarantee To You

I 100% guarantee that this program will give you results, if you follow the recommendations with diligence & consistency.  If not, I will refund your money!
That's right, just email me stating why you are unhappy with the program, and I'll give you back your $149.
How's that for fair?


Now wait a minute, before you go any further, you need to know that I can't help everybody.  I can only be of benefit to people who are seriously committed to changing their habits and who will follow through with my advice.
Is this you???


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Your New Life Is Waiting For You...